Large cabin – 7 to 9 people:

This rustic cabin was also built based on a Canadian model with basalt stones and local timber. On the upper level there is a queen bed and single bed as well as a small private room where another bed may be prepared.
 On the ground level there is a room with a queen bed and single bed as well as single bunks and a bedside table and shelves for your clothes. There is a bathroom as well as a kitchen with a double stovetop and culinary equipment along with a large fireplace which may also serve as a further stovetop or place to cook/keep food warm.
Most of the ground level floor space is a large open area with a large dining table and sofas situated around a beautifully lit area with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
Hot water is provided by a gas boiler, cold water flows from the stream and lights are solar powered. If need more than 220V electricity, there are facilities at the main house.
We like to prepare meals ´A La Carte´ which can either be delivered to your cabin or enjoyed at the home restaurant.

*  Please note that there is no electricity within a 50km radius so cabins do not have refrigeration facilities during the warmer months. You should ensure cold food is therefore correctly stored. Ice packs can be borrowed from the main home.

Horses and saddles:

At H&H we live together with crellos and other mixed horse breeds that are very strong and sturdy and are used by the Gaucos. These horses were brought over during the Spanish settlement and were left behind and used by the Gaucos for their farm work. These hardy animals are able to survive in harsh climates as well as on relatively infertile soil and tough grasses while still maintaining a gentle temperament.

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Hernán Cipriani

ADDRESS: Neuquén, Argentina

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