In den letzten 12 Jahren haben viele Gäste H&H besucht und Touren mit uns unternommen.
Die meisten davon haben in unserem Gästebuch ihre Eindrücke und Erlebnisse festgehalten. Niemand besser als unsere Gäste selbst können die Touren, die Landschaft und die Erlebnisse bei und mit uns in unserem Domizil in den Bergen beschreiben.

Pocos días resultaron, para un lugar tan mágico.Veniamos buscandonos un poco y nos encontramos

  • Nos quedamos con la sensación de la mejor experiencia vivida. Muchísimas Gracias!!! Naty y Raúl.-
Esto para mi no es ninguna sorpresa, los conozco y se que van a hacer esto y mucho más! Los tengo como ejemplo siempre!
  • Germán.- Noviembre 2003.-

  • Dear all,
    This is one of the most incredible place that I've ever been. And we stopped by luck . Because of the strong wind we could not continue our bike trip. Please keep this place untouched, just as god has created it! Enjoy the nature!!
    • Eduado Sondre, Fernando R. Martinz, Ike, Brazil – SP- Sáo Paulo.- Febrero 2009.-
    Crossing the Andes on horseback (Matilda, Annette, Jogi, Simon)
    The whole trip was fantastic! From Pucon to Hernan's place the organisation was great. We were in a lovely group of people and had a lot of laughs and singing around the campfire. The horses are excellent and it was really interesting to compare and contrast the differences between Chile and Argentina – the terrain, the horses, the saddles etc. All our guides were really helpful, good company and hard working. The only bad thing about this trip is that it is finished!! I would like to return to Pucon by horse not car. Thanks to Hernan and Jose, Lena and Luis for such a great experience.
    • Matilda.- Diciembre 2009.-
    • It was a wonderful trip. Danke für das tolle Erlebnis hier in Argentinien. Die Pferde waren super gut. Das Essen perfekt. Und die Landschaft umwerfend. Schade, dass die Zeit schon vorbei ist.
      • Karin Grundemann.-
      Wow – the Andes Creossing was a trip of a lifetime! Beautiful landscape, sure footed horses, guides that didn't get us lost, tasty food off the fire and authentic outdoor living oh and such a funny group! Muchas gracias for everything!
      • Sandy from Switzerland.-
      Muchas gracias!! This ride was fantastic, it was everything, and more than expected. The views were spectacular and the food was amazing considering it was carried on Nitro and was bounced around all day long. Cant want to come back in winter to try out the husky's and skiing.
      Thanks once again for everything!!
      • Eliza Wyatt – Australia.-
      actually have only one word to describe the trip over the andes from 14-1 until 22-1 and that is WAUW!! The scenery and wildness on the argentinian side are incredible and what the horses could do, so impressive! At first Maarten waa a bit scared to go riding for 9 days and he heared that we would go very fast on the argentinian side, but the horses listened so great that he and everybody else could go on there own pace. Pegas was a realy great horse, very easy to ride, I love him! If I could bring him home I will. Maarten was riding on Malagate, also a strong and great horse. I still can't belive that I could help bringing the cows into the mountains, that was so great! Hernan, Jose, Pancho and Diego, you were all great in your own special way, muchos, muchos gracias for a great time and as we say in Hollanda: Jullie zyn TOPPERS!! muchos saludos and hopefully until a next time
      • Maarten & Daphne.- Enero 2013.-
      Thank you from the Australian German Swiss team for bringing us safe from Chile to Argentina to a little heaven in the mountains! It was impressive to see that even after a fast, long 9 hours ride the horses were still willingly forward moving and we still alive! Diego, you impressed us – who would have guessed we would get first class food cooked on a campfire. Nicole, your easy going personality made it a pleasure to have you with us. Hernan, we could not have asked for a better guide. We will never forget the wonderful time we had in sunny Argentina.
      Muchas gracias!!!
      • Babara Meline, Bronwen Lee, Susanne & Ulf Kiegeland, Brigitte and Peter Schmid.- Febrero 2013.-
    Hola Hernan,
    Vielen, vielen Dasnk für diesen umwerfend schönen Ritt! Ein paar Tage lang die Schönheit dieser Welt erleben, auf ruhigen Pferden, super bequemen Sätteln, bestens versorgt durch Dich und Jose, das werde ich nie vergessen. A la proxima!
    • Bettina aus Deutschland.- Diciembre 2011.-
    Dream come true when I could participate on a long horseride trip. I am really glad to do this ride with you, everything exceeded my expectations. Hernan, special thanks for letting me ride your white horse, it was very nice. I am also impressed how you come here 10 years ago and build your Horse & Husky empire from nothing. Glad to meet such brave people! Would love to come back for some husky-sledging. Wishing you all the best to continue.
    • Eva Szentgyörgyi from Hungary.- Ciciembre 2011.-
Queridos amigos, siendo como son, no nos queda más que agradecerles y felicitarlos por lo que hacen! Excelente atención, servicio y voluntad.
    Abrazo grande y agradecido de todo corazón! Mario Stecher, Juan Fregonese, Pablo y Federico Möckel.-


Pasamos una semana espectacular! Recibimos mucho más que las espectativas que traiamos. Estuvo increíble y logramos disfrutar del trekking y trineo a ful!!!!
    Les aseguramos que vamos a volver. María, Nico y Cande Alvarez.-

Pferde und Sättel

In Horses & Huskys leben wir zusammen mit Criollos oder Mischlingen dieser starken und widerstandsfähigen Pferderasse der Gauchos. Nach der spanischen Besetzung blieben diese Pferde in den weiten Pampas Argentiniens sich selbst überlassen.

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