Welcome to Pino Hachado Pass

Located in the province of Neuquén in Argentina, in the middle of the majestic Andes mountain range and close to the international border, you will find the Horses and Huskies de los Pehuenes homesteadin Pino Hachado.
The international border connects us to the XI region of Chile. The Temuco airport is only 210km away and Pucòn, a town renowned for its beauty and is surrounded by lakes, green forests and Lonquimay Volcano, is only a further 70km.
It is at this latitude that the Patagonia region of South America begins. Here the Andes can reach a height of 2000abv. Together with the flat plains known as pampas and the unique Araucaria forests (the Araucaria trees are known as the Pehuen by the indigenous Mapuche) make for a spectacular panoramic that invite you to make the most of these surroundings on horse back over the summer months or as the musher of your own husky team during winter.
Horses and Huskies de los Pehuenes (H&H)  is built on a plateau within the mountain range and gives a beautiful view of the valleys below and is within walking distance to a dormant volcano where the endangered condors of South America soar.
To ensure you make the most of the tranquility of this isolated area we offer rustic cabins that have been ecologically handcrafted using local stones and timber.
Our comfortable home restaurant is open both to the public as well as guests of the homestead cabins. Offering typical Argentinean cuisine and regional wines, you can enjoy these meals either in main house by the fire, outside or in the comfort of your cabin.

Horses and saddles:

At H&H we live together with crellos and other mixed horse breeds that are very strong and sturdy and are used by the Gaucos. These horses were brought over during the Spanish settlement and were left behind and used by the Gaucos for their farm work. These hardy animals are able to survive in harsh climates as well as on relatively infertile soil and tough grasses while still maintaining a gentle temperament.

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Hernán Cipriani

ADDRESS: Neuquén, Argentina

TELEPHONE: +542942 499300 (enlace via radio VHF)

CELULAR INTERNATIONAL:+549 2942 15 50 - 6827 (Blackberrry PIN: 28A3CD9B)

E-MAIL: pino_hachado@yahoo.com.ar